Here are some Smileys for use on the Complaint Thread. If you find others you think would be good to add to this list, let me know.

Usage Rules:

1) You MAY directly link to the smiley for a post or for a sig-line.

2) This is just for us to use, so do NOT post the URL to this page anywhere.

How to use them:

Place the URL for the smiley in an image tag, and insert that in your post.

<img src="url_goes_here">

So, if you had a post that said this:

I think this is great! <img src"">

And then submitted it, it would come out on the forum looking like this:

I think this is great!



Special Characters

Symbols and Signs

Special Occasion

Meters, Labels and Windows

CoolTuna Smileys!

Big Animations!
(Please use sparingly, the bandwidth pipe allotted to my server is a bit narrow
and having lots and lots of these on one page may cause one or two to not load.)


Other Images

Magic 8 Ball