Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How did you make this comic?

A: Using Poser, a commercial program from Smith Micro software.

Nearly all of Book 1 was done in Poser 7. I upgraded to Poser Pro 2012 for Book 2 (hence the shift in art styles), but suffered a computer failure partway through (memorialized with Galtor's similar computer failure on page 203 of Book 2), forcing me to upgrade from WinXP to Win 7 - which, as it turned out, was a good thing, 64-bits meant things were much easier. I shifted from Poser Pro 2012 to Poser Pro 2014 about halfway through Book 3.


Q: I can't advance the page!

A: You must have cookies enabled to be able to advance the page. The book is a graphic novel, and is presented as a series of images in a kind of 'slideshow' arrangement. Cookies are used to keep track of what page you are on.


Q: One (or more) of the images on page ___ didn't load!

A: Ah, the magic of the internet. Hit the 'refresh' button, and your browser will reload the images.


Q: Some of the panels have really tiny writing!

A: As mentioned in the "Reading Guidelines," hit CTRL and + (plus) to make the images bigger. To restore the page to it's original size, hit CTRL and 0 (zero). All modern web browsers allow you to zoom the page in and out in this fashion.


Q: Will this ever be a print book?

A: No, because then you'd have to pay for it. I always intended this story to be free to read.


Q: Will this ever be available for Kindle or (insert your favorite e-book reading device here)?

A: No, again, because you'd then have to pay for it. I always intended this story to be free to read. In addition, the three books together are far too large for an e-book download, it's over four thousand images at about one and a half gigabytes, it's simply too large to download in any reasonable length of time, and some e-book readers cannot handle e-books that are this large.